A brief, preliminary exploration

February 2023

In 2020, the Manhattan Institute published the Cost of Thriving Index (COTI). What followed was broad and substantive criticism from folks like Matthew…

January 2023

A data annotated version.
How have taxes evolved?

December 2022

Families and Businesses can judge value of public services as well as tax rates.

November 2022

Note: This is the latest post from our Rural Indiana study. Regional economies change composition over time. Some sectors grow, while others shrink…
Hint: They aren't what you think
Quality of life drives population and employment growth, not low taxes or a business friendly environment
A summary of my November 3, 2022 talk at University of Indianapolis

October 2022

excerpt from The State of Rural Indiana Study
Hoosiers are spending less than ever on education, and it shows . . .

September 2022

Growing economic and policy weakness